Sindromul de panica in orasul luminilor Syndrome de panique dans la Ville lumière


Syndrome de panique dans la Ville Lumière

Editions Non Lieu, Paris 2012

"Cartea Romaneasca" Publishing House, Bucarest 2008

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After the success enjoyed by the republished novel Pas Parole Café, Matei Visniec returns to prose with a new novel. This time, the centre of the world shifts to the Saint Medard Café an agora of letters, a contemporary Tower of Babel, whither gravitate only authors and characters.

An entire universe presided over by a French publisher without a publishing house, Monsieur Cambreleng, who, worn out by reading the manuscripts he receives, the hundreds of pages of words written by authors avid for literary glory, in a world in which sound and image are supreme, decrees the death of words. His primary passion is now collecting dead books, which fill bookshops that have become abattoirs, due to readers blind and deaf to the suffering and tears of unread books.

In a Paris besieged by its glorious history and the famous figures who have inhabited it, countless unusual occurrences unfold, invisible to the untrained eye : a poem conquers the planet, a cat keeps a diary, a love affair spins out of control, dreams invade reality, and all the city s inhabitants unwillingly become characters.

Panic Syndrome in the City of Lights is a vivid dystopia, which takes shape beneath the pen of a failed writer, the central character in this total novel.


Domnul K eliberat


Monsieur K liberé

"Cartea Romaneasca" Publishing House, Bucarest 2010

Accused for an undisclaimed crime, locked away for years in a penitenciary with mysterious underground branches, turning into a patient and well-behaved prisoner, Kosef J. finds himself released one morning. Without having wanted this. Without being told why. Without even being explained what "being free" means. Awaiting a sine die postponed meeting with the warden, Mr. K. discovers the surroundings of the colony.

Travelling, together with the "privileged" character, through circles of kafkian worlds, the reader might feel right at home.




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