Hello !

We are Matei Visniec’s characters.
Welcome to the imaginary realms of this gentleman about whom we actually know some things!

For instance, we know that he was born in a fabulous town, in the north of Romania. It seems that this town, called Radauti, is split in two halves by the railway (the town, but also the cemetery and the soul!). We are also aware that for our creator this railway has always been his axis of axiological symmetry.





But first of all, allow us to introduce ourselves: we are a joyful gang, about three hundred, main or secondary characters all together. We must confess we get along quite well, as the work of this gentleman has certain coherence. Sometimes our author makes us migrate from one play to another; in a certain extent we are his meteorites which return with a certain frequency in some of his plays.

Sometimes we have ordinary names: Bruno, Grubi, Iuri Petrovski, Dorra, Meyerhold, Stalin, Chekhov… But other times our author saddles us with strange names: we become, thus, The Old Lady who Prepares 37 Molotov Cocktails a Day, The Man for which Birth was a Fall, or even The Brain Washer…

In the realms we live in the name of the fantasy and of the anxieties of this gentleman, we tell... stories… While reading them you may feel touched… Don’t be ashamed, this is precisely what this gentleman aims at: rather to move the reader than to deliver clear and tonic messages.





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